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Meadowfoam seed Oil! Oh My, that feels wonderful!

Welcome back to a much needed blog post, I have been slacking alot but its time to get back in the game!! And what better way than to introduce a new product and talk about why we choose to use this expensive I mean really expensive Oil called Meadowfoam Seed Oil.

While researching what oil to use in a body wash that meets every standard to be called luxury but not break the bank, I first had to know what I wanted in a body wash that I currently was not getting.

I wanted a body wash that felt velvety while applying it, and created more of a cream type texture. I didn't particularly want big foam and bubbles because most times all the big foam and bubbles means it stripping away all of your good oils and leaving your skin (naked) without any protection. But still wanted it to have some foam.

I also wanted to actually feel moisturized and naturally smooth after using it.

I wanted a unique smell and I wanted more options to use it with than just a body wash.

Taking a look at current luxury body wash brands, I always found something missing, an oil of some type . Which i can understand because the wrong oil can make you feel clogged and cause acne if too much is used. So in order to eliminate that you take out the added oils and just use the cleansing and conditioning ingredients. That's where Meadowfoam seed oil comes in.

Meadowfoam seed oil is is a plant derived oil that is high in vitamins C, E and omega-9 fatty acids. These vitamins help to protect your skin from free radicals, sun damage and UV radiation.

Oils and butters have a comedogenic rating, this rating spans from 0-5 which states how likely that oil will clog your pores. 0 unlikely to 5 very likely. Coconut oil (which is a wonderful oil) has a rating of 5, so cant use that this time around while Meadowfoam seed oil has a rating of 0-1. BINGO

So now that we have an oil that will most likely not clog your pores or feel to heavy, will it give me that luxury feel that i want and can i use it for my hair...yes! Because meadowfoam seed oil feels so much like the oil that your skin naturally makes it can be used on your body and in your hair!

Give our new body wash a try and tell me what you think. You may have found a new oil that work wonders for you as it has for me!!

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