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About Us

Own It Soap Company offers a wide selection of handmade soaps, eco-friendly bath & body care and luxury home products.

Our products include handcrafted soaps (both cold process (lye) and glycerin soaps), gluten free natural lip balm, sugar scrubs, castile liquid soap, shampoo (both liquid and solid), shaving products for men and women, bath bomb fizzies, candles, lotion, body butter, creams and much more!

We use natural oils and botanicals and only the highest quality ingredients, including but not limited to organic shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, silk peptide and avocado oil.

Located in Dallas, TX, we are a small business, founded by Andrew & David. Own It Soap Company has been making handmade soap and bath products since 2018.
Our products are of very high quality, fresh and cannot be found in retailers.


Own it soap company knows that without our family and friends, we would not be able to reach the goals we have set for this company and we will Give Back.

Our mission:


To provide the best products for hair and body at a good price. Following our belief that products should contain “Only What’s Needed” and nothing that isn’t (shouldn’t be included).


Many well known, expensive brands today use marketing, not actual quality, to sell their products. If you look at the ingredients of many of these brands you will notice a large, sometimes exhaustive, list. Many times with the actual advertised ingredient on the front,


Shea Butter for instance, near the middle or end of the list. Most of the ingredients listed are what we consider to be “fillers”. Less expensive than actual ingredients such as Shea, Kokum, etc. used to either mimic the feel of those ingredients or to trick your skin into absorbing ingredients faster.

Ever seen “Fast Absorbing” as an advertised benefit"?

Truth is those can be derived from natural or synthetic means but their purpose is the same. Make the product have a “silky” tactical feel, speed up absorption and lower the cost of production to maximize profit. This approach to formulating products also ensures maximum sales. Faster absorption may seem like a positive but in reality it means you will be applying the product much more often.


Our products from soap to lotion to bath bombs will only contain the best ingredients and only “What’s Needed”. All ingredients are ECOCERT unless otherwise noted. (See ECOCERT tab for more information.) 

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